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Dec 05

5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Holiday Songs to Spread Cheer

Santa girl with presents

Hey, it’s Fandom Friday again!  Let me to a shout out to fellow geek bloggers Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girle for organizing this, as always.  It certainly helps me stay on the blogging bandwagon.   It’s December!  It’s the holiday season.  Did you miss my post over at the Luscious Literaries about Five …

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Nov 14

5 Fandom Friday – My Super Fave Apps

Five Favorite Apps

I am a recent convert from an Apple iPhone 4s to a Samsung Galaxy s5 and I’m not sorry.   I’ve found that my functionality has increased with the Android operating system.  Plus who can resist an OS named “Kit Kat”? Shout out to The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick for organizing this! Here are the …

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Nov 11

Gotham Recap – The Mask

Penguin blood is sweeeeeet

  Note:  This is a quick slapdash, done on the fly.  It most definitely contains errors, which will be fixed in the future.  Thanks, though, for reading! The episode opens with some men in Wall Street clothes, fighting in an office where the lights are flickering. It’s pretty brutal and they are beating the crap …

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Oct 31

5 Fandom Friday – Top Five Halloween Treats

Blog Graphic - Halloween Candy

For many parents, Halloween is the most tiring holiday.  Christmas is a close second, especially if you are traveling.  Costumes, parties, parades and trick or treating do take a toll on parental units. I mean, really, I could just go to the local Walgreens and buy all this same candy at 75 percent off the …

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Oct 24

5 Fandom Friday – Five of My Favorite Halloween Movies

  Magic (not the Mike kind) This is a movie that scared the mess out of me when I was a teenager.  First of all, I am no fan of ventriloquist dummies.  I can’t stand them, they scare the heck out of me.  Give me a movie with a dummy and you’ve got me scared. …

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