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Oct 31

5 Fandom Friday – Top Five Halloween Treats

Blog Graphic - Halloween Candy

For many parents, Halloween is the most tiring holiday.  Christmas is a close second, especially if you are traveling.  Costumes, parties, parades and trick or treating do take a toll on parental units. I mean, really, I could just go to the local Walgreens and buy all this same candy at 75 percent off the …

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Oct 28

Gotham Recap: Spirit of the Goat

Same argument, different day.

Opening Title: Gotham – Ten Years Ago A bald man pulls on leather gloves looking in a cloudy mirror in what looks like a flophouse. He’s whispering “I am the spirit of the goat” as he puts on a scary looking mask. Again, this is 8 pm folks!! Weirdo stuff happening even before Monday Night …

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Oct 24

5 Fandom Friday – Five of My Favorite Halloween Movies

  Magic (not the Mike kind) This is a movie that scared the mess out of me when I was a teenager.  First of all, I am no fan of ventriloquist dummies.  I can’t stand them, they scare the heck out of me.  Give me a movie with a dummy and you’ve got me scared. …

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Oct 21

Gotham Recap – Viper

Hello!  Back again for the next episode of Gotham:  Viper. The episode opens with Alfred asking young Bruce to go for a walk.  As always, Bruce is concentrating on solving the murders of his parents and cares not for fresh air and sunshine.  (I’m wondering, when does this little dude do his lessons?  He seems …

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Oct 17

Five Characters I’d Love to be for Halloween

gogoJubari 2

Here we are again for the Five Fandom Friday link up!  I must say I am enjoying these little trips every week. Let’s get right to the chase, shall we?  Here they are in no particular order. Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean movies   How much fun would it be to be a …

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