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Oct 21

Gotham Recap – Viper

Hello!  Back again for the next episode of Gotham:  Viper. The episode opens with Alfred asking young Bruce to go for a walk.  As always, Bruce is concentrating on solving the murders of his parents and cares not for fresh air and sunshine.  (I’m wondering, when does this little dude do his lessons?  He seems …

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Oct 17

Five Characters I’d Love to be for Halloween

gogoJubari 2

Here we are again for the Five Fandom Friday link up!  I must say I am enjoying these little trips every week. Let’s get right to the chase, shall we?  Here they are in no particular order. Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean movies   How much fun would it be to be a …

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Oct 15

Gotham Recap – Arkham


  I’m not going to recap blow by blow as I did in my first recap. That took an awful long time to do, and I wasn’t able to give you the benefit of my opinion. First of all, some good news. Apparenlty the series got an extension of six more episodes over its original …

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Oct 10

5 Fandom Friday-Geek Clothes…Get in my Closet Now!


It’s that time of the week again, although I think I missed it by 24 hours or so.  No matter.  With a wrinkle in time (and backdating the publishing date), I can pop right back in time and pretend I’m posting this on a Friday when I was supposed to do it. Again a big …

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Oct 07

Gotham Recap – The Balloonman


This is my first recap EVER! Please, be kind.   After a few brief scenes of what has come before in Episodes 1 and 2, the show gets down to the real meat. Oswald Cobblepot disembarks a bus in the heart of Gotham. Dressed in a dirty sweater and old pants, he stands on the …

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