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Sep 17

Confessions of a Blogger

Confessions.of.a.BloggerThe Nerdy Girlie posted on her confessions on her blog and encourage others to do the same.  So here I go…


1.  I am a terrible scheduler and get sidetracked too often, which wastes time.  This morning is a prime example of this.  I was supposed order groceries online, run updates on the laptop and do three loads of laundry.  As it turned out, I was too late (at 9:30 am!!) to schedule grocery pickup for the day, the updates on the laptop, which were supposed to take fifteen minutes, instead took an HOUR AND  HALF, and therefore, I only got one load of laundry in.  I could have run downstairs during downloading the updates and popped a load of laundry in, but I kept thinking “only five more minutes” over and over.  Not to mention that I discovered a chicken literally frozen to the shelf in the deep freeze like it took a trek through Antarctica and didn’t make it.  I had to save that one until tomorrow.

2.  I feel awkward promoting myself.   As an author, self-promotion is almost as important as writing the book.  Problem is, I stink at self-promotion.  It feels intrusive, annoying and self-serving.  I’ve found it very difficult to promote beyond posting the book cover/link a couple of times on Facebook and writing a few blog posts about inspiration etc.  It’s hard to find a “happy medium”  and one tends to wonder….are people really paying attention?

3.  I love lists.  Five best movies?  Six foods for energy?  I love them all. I waste way too much time reading lists.  Thing is, I learn a lot from these lists….enough to inspire lists of my own.

4.  I have a lot of ideas for blogging…..but I don’t write them down.  So when it comes time to actually write, I’m looking at a blank page with my fingers hovering over the keyboard.  Or, what I WANT to write is so out there that I’m afraid no one will relate and/or care and I’ll get lots of nasty comments.  It’s hard to find a balance. But did order a planner for myself (after having scoured Staples) and I am looking forward to writing down these ideas from now on.

5.  Music is my muse.  When I get ready to write, whether it be a tender/sexy love scene, a zombie-fighting scene (in my work in progress) or a blog post, I pop on the headphones.  Fuel, Train, The Police, the Eighties, Tchaikovsky….whatever is the inspiration at the time, I click that playlist on Google Play.  Then, hopefully, off to the races!!

What are some of your blogger confessions?

Aug 15

Dog Transformation – It’s Magic!!

With all the “transformation videos going around, along with the joke transformations (did you see the one where the guy turns himself into Idris Elba?), I decided to give my dog her little shot at stardom and transform her into a Disney star.


Jul 30

Movies that Sin

Though I usually have a ton of work to do, both online and off, I take the time to cruise around on YouTube, seeing what I can see.  I skip the show promos, the terrible movie trailers and the more boring things trying to get my attention.

One day, while trying to understand the movie Promentheus (that never happened), I happened upon –GASP– Cinema Sins.

These are short video where a narrator takes you through a film and points out plot holes, cliches and other terrible sins the movies we watch try to get past us.  It’s a great way to spend a couple of minutes, that’s for sure.

The movie 2012 was so chock-full of cliches and ridiculousness, I wondered if they had any writers at all on the movie.  And Danny Glover is no replacement for Morgan Freeman as the president, that’s for sure.

Come along with me as Cinema Sins recounts the terrible things 2012 foist upon its audience.

WARNING:  SPOILERS!!! (But you already knew that, right?)

Jul 27

Movie Geek Monday: Famous Quotes from 1980s Films

There’s nothing like watching a movie and hearing an actor saying a line so apt or so memorable that it becomes part of pop culture.  In addition, it’s also awesome to hear a line that becomes a part of your personal repetoire of those quoations that are inspirational or just plain funny.

You’ve heard these before.  You’ve seen them before.  Heck, you’ve probably said them before or at least muttered along with the character when the line was said in the movie.  Well, here are some of my favorites from the 1980s.


Spinal Tap



My personal Favorite

My personal Favorite


What are your favorite 1980s movie quotes?  Leave ‘em in the comments!!






Jul 04

Happy Birthday, Mocha Memoirs Press!

SaleBanner2014Happy Birthday to Us and U.S. too!

If you’ve been a part of Mocha Memoirs for the last four years, you know that July is our BIRTHDAY Month! Not only is this the month of the United States’ birth, but also ours.

Mocha Memoirs Press began in 2001, but reopened our doors in July 2010 with the hope of spotlighting fantastic fiction in the genres of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and romance. Each year we do something fun for our birthday, and this year will be no different.

Since we’re giving gifts, it’s Christmas in July! What’s in our holiday sack?

Gift #1-New fiction! Four new titles will launch our TOIL, TROUBLE, AND TEMPTATION line.

Gift #2- MMP GIFT bag. It will include the following:

  1. A sample of our books (both horror anthologies, a science fiction title, two erotic romance titles, and a fantasy title).

  2. A MMP tee-shirt.

  3. A MMP journal to write down your own inspiring ideas.

  4. Starbucks® coffee

  5. Other surprise goodies.

  6. All will be contained in a MMP cloth bag.

(You have to sign up for the MMP Newsletter to enter. More details to follow on our blog and our Facebook group).

Gift #3-Black Friday sale in the summer-All Christmas and holiday stories are .99!

Gift #4-Sizzling Deals for HOT summer nights-All erotic romance titles are $2.99 or LESS!

Gift #5-Select science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles are $1.00 or 0.99.

$.99  or $1 Horror, SF, and Fantasy titles:

Drink My Soul by Rie Sheridan Rose

Descent into Madness by Michael LaRocca

Still Another Day by Janet Eckford

Dragon’s Champion by Wynelda Ann Deaver

Huntress by Siobhan Kinkade

The Soul Cages by Nicole Givens Kurtz

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