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Oct 17

Five Characters I’d Love to be for Halloween

Here we are again for the Five Fandom Friday link up!  I must say I am enjoying these little trips every week.

Let’s get right to the chase, shall we?  Here they are in no particular order.

Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean movies


Jack Sparrow 1

How much fun would it be to be a pirate (in the movie world, of course, forget the killing and the shooting and the scurvy and terrible food).  I loved the Pirate movies and remember the ride as a child at Disney World.  The long coat, the beads and shoot, there’s even a purse!  What’s not to like about this? Jack Sparrow 2



Akasha, Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned


Just because… Aaliyah.  What an awesome costume.  Nuff said.


Queen of the Damned 2


Steampunk-ish Victorian


Black Victorian 2

Image from http://www.vintag.es/2013/03/victorian-era-portraits-of-african.html


Fannie Hendricks, Wisconsin Historical Society

Fannie Hendricks, Wisconsin Historical Society

All I would need is to add a pair of goggles and an umbrella!

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy



Yeah, so maybe she’s a little too gung-ho about plants and the environment, but a grrl’s gotta have a hobby right?  And you can never have too many plants or loads of gorgeous red hair.

Poison-ivy movie




GoGo Yubari

gogoJubari 2

She was the best thing about the Kill Bill movies….all of them.

gogoJubari 1

You can beg better than that!


Thanks for reading!  I had a great time picking out my virtual costumes.


Oct 15

Gotham Recap – Arkham


Fish_Mooney_3I’m not going to recap blow by blow as I did in my first recap. That took an awful long time to do, and I wasn’t able to give you the benefit of my opinion.

First of all, some good news. Apparenlty the series got an extension of six more episodes over its original 22. Good that Fox has faith in this series, on the other hand….that’s a lot of pressure on the writers. Hopefully, they have the guts to see it through.

On to the recapping.

I must say, this was a slow episode. Gone is the excitement of Selina dancing rings around the police and a villain who ties his victims (deserving or not) to a weather balloon.

The episode opens with Barbara Kean (who is awfully friendly to a dude she doesn’t know) swinging the door open wide to Cobblepot, who is there, he says to warn Gordon of the impending war in the city and also to offer his help. Denied the civility of a drink offered by Barbara, Cobblepot and Gordon have their conversation on a dark, rain-soaked alley, where Cobblepot again tries to secure an alliance because of the war coming to Gotham. “If you want to save Gotham, I can help you. I can be your secret agent.”

In a deserted parking lot, an unassuming gent in a trench coat, carrying a briefcase. He idenfies himself as one of constituents. Unassuming gent bids the councilman to put his eye to a metal flute, which stabs him in the eye. (I am so sorry but I laughed a little at this…and isn’t this a little bloody for 8:05 at night?) Down goes the councilman and his aide.
Bullock and Gordon pick up the case and Harvey Bullock gives his comment about corruption, etc. They leave to go work the streets. Harvey, of course, knows just where to start.
Cut to Fish Mooney (yay!) at her club, auditioning a singer. Nice, but kinda boring. Then Fish kicks it up a notch and asks the singer if she likes boys or girls. “Come to me so I can take you in.” (Gotta love Fish, I swear.) “Pretend I’m a boy. Seduce me.” Apparently, she doesn’t do such a great job. We realize Fish’s goal. She’s not looking for a girl, she’s looking for a weapon.
Bullock is using his strong arm bad cop techniques on someone who we all know didn’t do it and Jim tells him so. After looking through some evidence, Jim understand the connection between the Waynes, the councilman and Arkham.
What’s this? The Mayor giving a speech about their vision for the Arkham area and land. But there are opposing views! Whaaaa? The Mayor, however is going with the Wayne plan. Of course.

Cobblepot, world’s nosiest dishswasher, observeres as a meeting about Arkham takes place at the restaurant.
Gordon chats with Alfred about the Arkham site. Falcone is backing the plan now. Turns out the dead councilman was backing Falcone’s plan. Maroni has the opposing plan. Up pops Bruce, talking about what his parents wanted to make a place for the mentally ill. He doesn’t want his parents’ dream to die.

What’s next? Councilmen Zeller as been abducted. One of Maroni’s guys. Uh oh, something’s up.

We get a GREAT shot of the gates of Arkham Asylum. Then the unassuming gent rolls a 50 gallon barrel that is full of Councilman Zeller. What the hey? The gent lights the dude…on fire. Zellers’s last words “Tell Falcone I’ll change my vote.”

Arkham in the daytime. Cops discuss the idea of a war between Falcone and Maroni. Bullock wants to know how Gordon knows so much. Edward Nygma pops up to give his rundown on the evidence. “Is it the same killer, working for Maroni and Falcone??”

Cobblepot is peeking around, snooping and gets caught. Lou, the manager reprimands him. He is totally up to something.
Bullock and Gordon visit the jail, talk to a prisoner with a lovely, luxurious beard. Of course, he knows everything and is able to give a name Richard Gladwell and location. Off they go!

Bullock keeps insisting that Gordon has something to hide. Richard Gladwell works in human resources, ha ha. Gladwell is in some kind of supply place in the office, hiding and putting together his flute. There is a tense moment where we think Gladwell is going to attack Gordon, but it passes. Bullock calls Gordon to Gladwell’s desk, saying that “they got him.” Bullock and Gordon go back to try to get Gladwell, and end up scaring the pants of a secretary instead.

Bruce is having a nightmare about the murder of his parents. Bad dream, he tells Alfred. Was I in it, Alfred asks. “Not this time” Bruce says. Bruce is looking for a connection between the councilman’s murder and the murder of his parents.

Back to the Maroni restaurant where there is a robbery in progress. The manager is shot and the thugs make off with a whole bunch of money before the mobster protection get there. But wait! There’s Cobblepot, hiding in the freezer, protecting one bag of money. All out of the goodness of his heart. Ooops! Lou, the manager, was shot in the stomach. Poor Lou.

Barbara and Gordon. I hate to say this, but I hope they do better with Barbara’s character. She is married to a cop, a detective. She complains about “long hours and late nights”. But….isn’t that the life of a police detective? Again, she’s worried. Not about his life, but that ‘he has secrets from her” . Well, duh, the last secret he told you, you called the media about it. Now, she breaks up with Gordon because he won’t tell her who Cobblepot is. As I said, I’m going to give her character a little leeway but she’s all over the place. Gordon makes the connection between Barbara and Montoya and Barbara admits their relationship. Now Gordon is angry that Barbara lied to him and she apologizes. “I should have told you.”

Maroni assumes that Falcone did the hit in the restaurant. Cobblepot is promoted to Lou’s job in the meantime. “Frankie, get the kid a suit.”

Gordon and Bullock find out that Richard Gladwell is actually dead. The hitman stole his identity. And worked in Human Resources, killed folks on the side with a knife flute. What a life. Bullock leaves to work the case.

Another singer. At first I thought it was the same singer with a different look, but her name’s Liza. Fish likes her. Offers her a job. “You want a job with money, power and respect…like me?” There’s a bit more to the interview – “Seduce me.” Liza kisses Fish, finishes her drink and walks out of the club. Up comes Bullock to ask for help. Thank goodness, because Fish gets to show us a little more. She always has a plan B.

Cobblepot calls Gordon and tells him there’s going to be a murder attempt on the mayor.

At the mayor’s mansion. Why Gordon doesn’t have a raincoat or umbrella is beyond me. And how is the mayor answering his own door? And if someone says “someone is coming here to kill you”, how is your response “I gotta get some things from my safe.”

I kid, I kid. I know it’s a comic book come to life and for that I can forgive a lot. They have to delay until the assassin gets there or else there would be no story. Honestly, between Fish Mooney and Oswald Cobblepot, I’ll put up with it.

A fight ensues between dapper assassin and less well dressed Gordon with the mayor looking on, cringing, not helping. Bullock appears. Action stops. But assassin wont be stopped and lunges for the mayor. Gordon and Bullock shoot him dead
Barbara and Gordon. Yawn. Barbara doesn’t want any secrets and she wants to know who Oswald Cobblepot is. Gordon tells her it’s work. So Barbara gets mad and breaks up with him. “Make a choice…let me in or let me go.” For goodness sake. Can’t she ask Montoya who Cobblepot is? Anyway, they break up.

Girl fight, fastest on record. Fish wants to see which singer is the best for the job she has for them. They fight it out and of course Liza wins. Too bad they didn’t have pool cues.

Cobblepot visits the apartment – say what? He hired the goons to shoot up Maroni’s restaurant. Oswald shows his gratitude and gives them canolli. Silly fools. :)

A news broadcast shows that the Mayor is comprising. Low cost housing AND waste disposal. That…is quite strange. However, Maroni is pleased and bites into a hunk of meat that would make Fred Flinstone proud. Fish is pleased that Falcone took a “hit to the body”. Bruce Wayne and Gordon have a conversation about what just happened. Gordon feels this compromise has prevented a war. Bruce is not pleased. He wanted the asylum because that’s what his parents wanted
“Do you believe Gotham can be saved?” Bruce asks.

“I believe it’s worth trying.” Gordon answers.

Cobblepot leaves the apartment with a huge bag of money, leaving the corpses of the thugs behind.

Oct 10

5 Fandom Friday-Geek Clothes…Get in my Closet Now!

It’s that time of the week again, although I think I missed it by 24 hours or so.  No matter.  With a wrinkle in time (and backdating the publishing date), I can pop right back in time and pretend I’m posting this on a Friday when I was supposed to do it.

fandom.5.fridayAgain a big thank you to The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick for organizing this!

Without further chit-chat, let’s give you what you came here for, the five geeky items of clothes that I want in my closet now!  Take my money! Or better yet…send it free!!

1.  Soft Kitty Blanket from ThinkGeek.com

Soft Kitty Blanket

Click to buy at ThinkGeek

Oh, so warm, so comfortable.  It’s a soft kitty snugglie.  Who wouldn’t want that?


2.  Wonder Woman T-Shirt  from superherostuff.com



I feel like a Wonder Woman whirlwind with three children and a dog, especially on the weekends.  I need this shirt to continually remind myself that yes, I am an Amazon warrior princess!


3. Where’s Waldo? Find him.  from  www.thatawesomeshirt.comFind Waldo Knife

This is classic stuff.  I found this gem on www.thatawesomeshirt.com


4. Avenger leggings.  from thinkgeek.com

I love skirts, but…Winter Is Coming and I need something to keep my legs warm.  These will do the trick!


5.  Marvel Retro Messenger Bag. pinupgirlclothing.com  (They have a lot of nice stuff)

This bag is life.  I love it.  LOVE IT.



Those are my geeky wants, so you know what to put on your Christmas list.  I’m not that difficult to shop are…now am I?




Oct 07

Gotham Recap – The Balloonman

fish Mooney 2
This is my first recap EVER! Please, be kind.


After a few brief scenes of what has come before in Episodes 1 and 2, the show gets down to the real meat. Oswald Cobblepot disembarks a bus in the heart of Gotham. Dressed in a dirty sweater and old pants, he stands on the corner for a brief moment, taking in the ruckus around him. Two children pickpocket a victim, police are taking shakedown money, a woman’s purse is stolen and streetwalkers solicit customers. He observes all this with a smile on his face and says “Home.”
The next scene cuts to a news report that indicates a “financier”(Ronald Danzer) who has bilked people out of millions of dollars via a Ponzi scene has been released on bail. The financier himself appears on the phone, telling (we assume) his lawyer to pay everyone involved in the case “whatever it takes”. He refers to his victims as “dumb bus drivers and stupid old ladies”.
On the street, a man with a pig mask comes up to Danzer and asks him his name. Then, Pig-Face cuffs Ronald Danzer to a weather balloon (plus several other balloons), which pulls him up. The female reporter and her TV crew report on this.
Cut to Gordon and Bullock are at the scene discussing the case over the credits. Bullock could care less, saying that Danzer got what he deserved.
Cut to Gordon at the police station where another officer shouts for ice. The loud officer introduces himself as Cranston and makes a remark about Gordon being a “Boy Scout” and says he hopes he can handle Gotham. Cranston also indicates that an award he received for being a good cop is used in police interrogation.
Bullock and Gordon have another conversation about Danzer’s murder. Bullock doesn’t want to investigate, Gordon does. Bullock thinks justice was served and Gordon references the Pepper “murder”.
Enter Selina, who supposedly has information about the Bruce Wayne murder. Bullock makes another comment about “what is it about a closed case don’t you understand”.
Gordon takes Selina to the alley where the Wayne were murdered. She gives her version of the events, and Gordon doesn’t believe her. Basically, Selina saw the murderers face. “I can see in the dark.” She challenges Gordon to go down in the sewer where she threw a wallet she pick-pocketed from a random guy on the street. To make sure she doesn’t go anywhere, he handcuffs her to a railing while he goes down in the sewer. He finds the wallet, showing that Selina was telling the truth. Just then, Selina drops the handcuffs she escaped from down the sewer and disappears.
Finally, Fish Mooney’s club. Poor Lazlo looks a mess from last week’s beating and Fish tells him to take a rest. Montoya and Allen enter the club, asking about Cobblepot’s whereabouts. Fish confirms he’s dead and drops the bomb that Jim Gordon killed Oswald. “Who can make a cop commit cold-blooded Fish Mooneymurder?” Allen suggests that maybe Fish is looking for a little revenge because Lazlo got beaten up. Fish denies this, saying “I just want justice.”
Cut to Oswald on the street, counting his coins. He’s hungry. A man on the street recognizes Oswald and threatens to take him into Fish Mooney. “Fish is going to pay some serious cash for your skinny ass.” After pleading and begging saying that he’s Gotham’s future Oswald ends up stabbing the man to death and taking his money.
Now, at Wayne Manor, where Alfred is forcing Bruce to fence with sticks, even as Bruce protests that he doesn’t want to do this. Bruce becomes angry and fights back, showing real skill, where upon Alfred surrenders. All is well. Alfred reprimands Bruce for having the crime scene photos and files of his parents’ murders. Bruce says “he’s looking for a clue.” But he hasn’t found one yet.
Montoya and Allen come to visit Jim Gordon about Oswald. Gordon denies killing Oswald. He tells them to come back to them when they have actual proof. Allen tells Gordon, as Allen leaves, that Gordon stinks like a sewer.
Back to Oswald, who’s trying to get a job in a kitchen as a restaurant. The manager/owner tells him “we’re all staffed up” but Oswald makes his own opportunity by killing the dishwasher and taking his job. Turns out the restaurant is a meeting place for the mob, which Oswald sees as a huge opportunity.
Bullock and Gordon discuss again about who deserves what. Gordon is stuck on the Waynes’ murder. Bullock is losing patience with him, tells him to let it go. Someone who owns/knows about weather balloons is in the interview suite.
Oswald ambushed the dishwashers, asks what size his shoes are. We know what’s next.
Back to the man and the balloons. The man who owns the balloon shop gives a lead on who might have stolen the weather balloons. We find out the man stole four weather balloons.
The crooked cop, Cranston is shaking down a drug dealer. The Balloon-man hooks him up to a balloon and sends him sailing, but not before he beats up the balloon man and takes a slip of paper from him.
Bruce Wayne is reading the paper about the Balloon-man and hasn’t eaten breakfast or dinner the night before.
Gordon at Barbara’s apartment. She brings him coffee as he gets ready for work and is worried that he may become a victim of a Balloon-man. He feels its not right that crooks are killed and nobody cares. “Either we all matter or no one matters.” Barbara calls a hero before he leaves.
A news report shows citizens supporting the Balloon-man. Gordon and Bullock are asked for an update on the Balloon-man case and are told to find him.
Bullock is all up in arms because a cop was killed. The viewer is then treated to a montage of Bullock strong arming his contacts on the street while Gordon looks on.
Oswald gets the deal about what’s going on in the restaurant. Dom Maroni comes in. “A great opportunity indeed.”
Gordon and Bullock come to a apartment where they apprehend the suspect, Carl.
Lazlo expresses his worry for Fish. She wants to get rid of him because he’s bringing the place down and makes an arrangement for her strong arm men to arrange an accident for Falcone’s girlfriend.
At Barbara’s apartment, Montoya lets herself in “I still have the key, remember” , and surprises Barbara, who’s in the middle of getting high. Turns out the two have had a relationship before. Montoya wants to talk about Gordon, tells Barbara that Gordon killed Oswald. The two have a tender, reminiscing moment. Montoya still cares about Barbara, thinks she deserved better than Gordon. Barbara tells her to leave.
Bullock is interrogating the man who stole the balloons. He sold the balloons to someone else. The suspect tells them the bodies are going to come back to earth because the balloon will pop.
Cut to a woman walking her dog and a body falls on her. Poor woman, poor dog. The yellow paper that Cranston took from the Balloon-man has Gordon’s name on it. Gordon says he knows who the Ballonman is.
At the Italian restaurant, there is some discussion about the opening of Arkham. Oswald (who gives his name as Paulo) has a brief moment with the mob boss, who gives him money. The mob boss sees himself in Oswald/Paulo. On the news, a Cardinal is killed via weather balloon.
Back to Gordon and the DA. They have a picture of the Balloon-man. Gordon and Bullock go to the old juvenile building to look for the Balloon-man. They see the cart and go to apprehend the man. The Balloon-man holds Bullock at gunpoint. Balloon-man makes a speech about the corruption of Gotham and how the law protects them. He asks Gordon who he’s fighting for. Bullock connects Balloon-man to the balloon. Gordon grabs Balloon-man as he’s going up and yells for Bullock to shoot the balloon. Bullock argues for him to “just let go” but ends up shooting the balloon and both men fall back to Earth.
Falcone stops by Fish’s club and checks to see if there are no hard feelings. Turns out Falcone’s girlfriend had “an accident”. Fish tsks tsks this and puts on a great show of apology. Falcone asks if Fish had heard anything from Maroni’s camp and there is some more talk about Arkham.
The BalloPenguinon-man tells Gordon that there will be more vigilantes. Gordon says he’s going to try to do his job, but Balloon-man tsks tsks him.
Bruce Wayne, watching the broadcast with Alfred, says since the Balloon-man killed people, that made him a criminal too. The news cast ends with “Now that the Balloon-man is gone, who will defend the innocents of Gotham.” Bruce has a pensive look on his face and after a day of not eating, he picks up his fork and begins to eat.
Barbara and Gordon at her house. Gordon says the city is sick. The Balloon-man felt everyone in power is corrupt. Gordon says if everyone takes the law into their own hands, then there is no law. Gordon asks Barbara if she believes he could do something like that. She says “no and that’s why I love you.”
There’s knock at the door. Hello, Oswald!!!
“Hello, James…old friend.”

Oct 03

5 Fandom Friday – My Five Gateway Fandoms

  • fandom.5.fridayColor me super excited!  I am so pleased to throw my blog in the link-up with The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for this Friday’s topic – Five Gateway Fandoms.

Now, if you’ve read my blog, you know that I like a looooot of stuff.  But, even little Dahlia had her  predilections (I love that word) and exquisite tastes.  Which of course, were the gateway to even more predilections and super exquisite tastes.  So sit back, dear reader, and find out what made me what I am today!

1.  Girl Rockers – Joan Jett and Pat Benatar

Back when I was a wee impressionable one, they didn’t have a lot of ladies to identify with.  Sure there was Babs and a folk singer or two, but the roof was really raised when Joan Jett and the Blackhearts hit the scene with “I Love Rock and Roll”  and “I Hate Myself for Loving  You.”. The heavy, recognizable guitar riff (wielded by a girl!) along with the tough look of black jeans, eyeliner and cool-ass hair…well, you can’t get any better than Joan Jett!

While Pat had a sweeter, smoother voice and her husband and band did most of the heavy musical lifting, “Hell is for Children”, “Promises in the Dark”, and her “breakout hit”, “Love is a Battlefield” had me singing in front of my mirror with a hairbrush and cutting my hair short!

2.  The Police

I don’t even know where to start when these fellas.  Suffice to say that I’ve seen nearly every movie Sting was in, even if he was simply there like…Dune (all I can say is….whaaaa? about that movie.)  I even tracked down a 1983 Playgirl magazine to read his interview and I’m sure there’s a stack of magazine cut outs, Tiger Beats and Rolling Stones with them on the cover.  That’s not counting the magazines my friends and I would BEG to order from England because just had to have the latest Police news.  Also, purchased Carl Jung’s Synchronicity.

3.  Star Wars

1977 in a movie theater that has since long closed.  Feet sticking to the floor (of course) I watched the spectacle unfold.  I had a remote control R2D2 robot.  I was Darth Vader for Halloween.  I was a Han Solo girl to the max and even have an autographed picture of Harrison Ford somewhere at my mom’s house.  Before les Internets, we sat down and wrote our fave stars letters….and sometimes got and answer.  I remember standing in the RAIN to line up to see Return of the Jedi.  Wow.  When they came along with those….other films…I kinda ignored the whole thing.  However, I will sit down and watch Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and to a lesser degree The Return of the Jedi when they are on.

4.  Mystery Science Theater 3000

This was what Saturday mornings were all about! Terrible movies with people actually cracking jokes about how terrible they really were.  My favorite of ALL TIME?  The Pod People.  Awfulness at its finest.  You can’t beat MST3K.


5.  The Chronicles of Narnia

Who hasn’t, after reading these books, gone and knocked on the back of a closet or two?  I firmly believe in the “you never know” and that magic can always around the corner.  I’ve gone through so many sets of these books…I order a new set every two years, so they’re always a complete set around.  My son had picked up an appreciate for Narnia also, and I certainly hope it brings magic into his life.


Some Honorable Mentions

Frank Sinatra – That’s cool music, baby!
Duran Duran
The Sims
The Little House Books


Most of these in this post, I still read and listen to today.




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